This page contains miscellaneous REXX scripts written for the OS/2 platform.


(No longer maintained)

BT_GET is a launcher for Python-based BitTorrent clients, which is designed to simplify the process of using such clients under OS/2.

Requires either BitTornado (recommended), or version 3.4.2 of the official client — in either case, the source package is required (not the various binary versions). Also requires Python/2.

BT_GET was written back in the days when there were very few viable BitTorrent clients available for OS/2. Given how clumsy and dated the command-line Python-based clients are, I can't really recommend using them in these enlightened days.

There are several other options available now, including my FrontenACT front-end for CTorrent.

Files Launcher for BitTorrent downloads. Official BitTorrent client, version 3.4.2 (included here because it seems to have disappeared from the BitTorrent website).


DSK2RSU is a utility for converting IBM FixPak .DSK images into RSU ZIP files for use with the Remote Software Updates utility. Requires both DSKXTRCT and Info-Zip's ZIP utility.



IMAPADD is a simple REXX script designed to allow easy copying of emails from PMMail/2 to a remote IMAP server. It is designed to run in conjunction with a PMMail filter. Brief setup instructions are included.



OF (Open Folder) is a simple REXX command to open a folder (directory) in the WPS, from the command line. A folder can be specified, or else the current directory will be opened.

OF.CMD is based on an original script published in OS/2 eZine (March 16, 1999) by Dirk Terrel, but has been heavily modified to fix a number of shortcomings.



RENEX (REName by EXpression) is a command-line utility for batch-renaming files according to regular-expression syntax. Requires the REXXRE (REXX Regular Expressions) library.

Version 0.94 is a bugfix release. Filenames containing whitespace should now work correctly.



(No longer maintained)

RRBACKUP is a REXX-based backup utility for OS/2. Requires the RAR archiver and EMX.

See the release notes for more information.

The latest version of RAR for OS/2 appears to be 3.93, available from OS2Site.



(No longer maintained)

SHUTKILL is a simple REXX program for manipulating the eComStation (eStyler) enhanced shutdown built-in process killer.

Note that this script is only needed for eStyler version 1.0 (included in eComStation version 1.x); later versions of eStyler provide a fully-integrated GUI for configuring these and other shutdown options.


Simplified MAN

Simplified MAN is a simplified 'man' utility (a command-line viewer for Unix-style manual pages). It emphasizes convenience and ease of use, rather than rigid adherence to working exactly like standard man.

Unlike most versions of man, Simplified MAN uses Vic Abell's Cawf formatter instead of the massively complex (and difficult) groff. See the documentation for details.

Files Simplified MAN (v1.0) Version 4.10 of Cawf (required)


VERSION is a tool for viewing OS/2 SYSLEVEL version information about the current system. More informative than the VER command; faster and more convenient than the SYSLEVEL command. Thanks to Guillaume Gay for providing the French translation.

Files English version French version


WALLCHANGE is a script to change the WPS desktop background to a random image selected from a list of candidates.

This is most useful when run automatically at a fixed interval or at scheduled times, which can effectively create a 'slideshow' of changing desktop wallpapers. WALLCHANGE itself does not include a schedule function - you can instead use the scheduler of your choice (options include DTProgram from DragText, or a 'cron' type utility).

WALLCHANGE requires WPTOOLS.DLL from Henk Kelder's WPTools package (available from various sources). The 'file' utility from the GNU coreutils package is also recommended, though not strictly required.

To install, simply place WALLCHANGE.CMD somewhere convenient, and call it with the desired parameters (a directory, one or more filenames, and/or a specially-formatted list file). Use of a scheduler is left to the user's discretion.

See the documentation for more information.