My GitHub site hosts several of my software projects, some of which are listed in these pages, some of which are not.

This page contains various free software which I have written or ported. Use the navigation links to view the various categories.

Much of my software has been written for the OS/2 operating system, although I have a few things for other platforms.

For serious programming work, I generally use C. I have also used C++ to a certain extent, and in the past have written various programs in Java.

I have done a small amount of Unix shell scripting, mostly as part of my former job as a system administrator. I've also done various work with Perl, JavaScript, and Python. Generally, however, my preferred scripting language is REXX, which lends itself fairly well to both simple tasks and (with the addition of third-party libraries) somewhat more sophisticated applications.

Other Work

Canada AT Mod for Civilization IV

This is a mod which I wrote for Firaxis Games's Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword (Civ IV BtS).

Specifically, with this mod installed and active, Civ IV BtS will allow you to select the Canadian Empire civilization, with a choice of four different leaders: Macdonald, Pearson, Trudeau... and one other that you probably wouldn't expect! This civilization starts the game with the Hunting and Fishing technologies, and has Canadian Corps (Infantry) as its unique unit. The BtS version adds a unique Canadian building, the Mountie Detachment (Jail).

In release 2, I have added a few new leaders, with their own particular traits, to a couple of other civilizations as well: Meiji and Kôken for the Japanese Empire, and Maximilian I for the Holy Roman Empire.

Release 2 has various other improvements over release 1, such as new background music for the Canadian leaders, and various small tweaks.

Besides the new civilization and new leaders, the core game is not otherwise changed.


Civilopedia entry for Canadian Empire Civilopedia entry for Macdonald Civilopedia entry for Pearson

Files Canada AT mod (release 2) for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword Canada AT mod (release 1) for Civilization IV (basic)

Due to the difficulty in trying to maintain two separate versions of the patch, I will no longer create versions for Civilization IV Basic. As of release 2, the Beyond the Sword expansion is required. The old Basic version of release 1 is still provided above for anyone who wants it.