This part of my web site collects various OS/2 programming documentation and tools which I've put together over the years to aid developers.

My replacement RexxUtil documentation is below. The following have their own dedicated pages:

RexxUtil Documentation

The REXX Utilities Library (RexxUtil) is a REXX API designed to provide useful functions for interfacing with the operating system. It exists on all IBM REXX platforms, with a few differences.

The OS/2 version was originally documented in the OS/2 REXX reference book REXX.INF. This book has not been significantly updated since the release of OS/2 Warp 3, even though a large number of new functions have been added to the OS/2 RexxUtil library since that time. Many of these new functions were only described in the Object REXX documentation (OREXX.INF), even though they apply to Classic REXX as well. Furthermore, there are several additional functions that are not documented in any reference book, and are only described in the README files accompanying recent OS/2 releases and FixPaks.

Finally, the existing RexxUtil documentation tends to be rather cursory, and a number of subjects are poorly described (if at all).

Consequently, I have written a new reference book which describes all existing OS/2 RexxUtil functions in far more comprehensive detail than either REXX.INF or OREXX.INF. It includes:

All functions described in this document apply equally to both Classic and Object REXX.

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